Auditorium Theatre

In the same spirit in which the City of Chicago created the theatre district, Broadway
In Chicago and Auditorium Theatre joined forces to light up
the Auditorium Theatre.

In 1889, Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler, two of the most influential and
transformative architects in history, unveiled their crowning achievement. A rare combination of staggering size and unparalleled acoustics, the Auditorium Theatre immediately established itself as one of the most sublime artistic venues in Chicago,
America and throughout the world. The Auditorium building was the first multi-
purpose building incorporating a hotel, offices and retail spaces along with
the theatre, and one of the first public buildings to use newly developed modern technologies of its time: electric lighting and air-conditioning. There are hundreds of Sullivan’s intricate stencil patterns, ornate gilded and bas-relief designs and endless
floor and wall mosaics. Radiant 24-karat gold-leafed ceiling arches and exquisite
murals adorn the house of the theatre. Frank Lloyd Wright, who received much
inspiration working his first job as a draftsman on the project said the Auditorium is,
“The greatest room for music and opera in the world-bar none.” For over 120 years,
the Auditorium Theatre has evolved, and in addition to a rewarding partnership with Broadway In Chicago, the Auditorium takes pride in presenting an eclectic array of
dazzling performers and incomparable international talent. In recent years, the
Auditorium Theatre has hosted hit engagements of SISTER ACT and PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT.